Wearing a Body Protector for Horse Riding

Why should I wear a body protector?Body protectors are foam filled vests that reduce the impact to the back and chest should you fall off a horse, or get kicked or trodden on by a horse. Although wearing one will not prevent injury, it can significantly cushion an impact and reduce its severity. They can be worn over clothing and under a jacket, and these days tend to be flexible and lightweight. They are obligatory for some competitions, but are increasingly seen for everyday riding, especially for hacking and jumping.There are three levels of body protector, set out by the BETA standards to which all body protectors must adhere, and are colour coded by label:Level 1 (Black label) – This offers the lowest level of protection and is only appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.Level 2 (Brown label) – This offers a lower than normal level of protection and is therefore only considered suitable for low risk situations. It is not suitable for jumping or riding on roads.Level 3 (Purple label) – This is considered appropriate for general horse riding and competitions.You can also buy additional shoulder protection which reduces the risk of breaking your collarbone should you fall on your shoulder.How should it be fitted?A good fit is vital for both comfort and safety. A body protector should fit securely and snugly over light clothing, and should not move while riding. Over time, it will mould itself to the rider’s body shape and become increasingly comfortable.There are four measurements required to achieve the correct fit: the chest, waist, waist to waist measurement over the shoulder and the back length. The size can then be selected on the chest and waist measurements, and the length on back and over the shoulder length.When trying it on, the protector should cover the whole circumference of the torso and reach at least 2.5cm below the rib cage without preventing bending into a riding position. There are several fasteners to adjust the fit. If coloured tabs are showing when the fasteners are closed, the fit is not quite right and another size is required.How should I look after my body protector?Body protectors should be changed every three to four years to ensure they’re still effective as over time the impact absorption properties of the foam may start to diminish. Should you fall or get kicked, make sure you check it all over fully to ensure it’s not damaged. Foam should expand back to its shape within about thirty minutes. If it doesn’t, the foam is damaged and the body protector should be replaced. Some damage may be unseen, and for this reason it is unwise to get a second hand one that you don’t know the history of.Look after your body protector by not leaving it hanging around to get trodden on or too hot or damp. When you’re not using it, hang it on a hanger with all fastenings closed to ensure it keeps its shape.

Laser Skin Care Treatment Options

Today everybody is keen to have nice skin and fair complexions. People are prepared to put time, money and effort to get the best looking face and skin. Laser skin care is one skin treatments that is popular nowadays. People increasingly visiting the dermatologists for laser skin care treatments. Everyone has unique skin and laser skin treatment may be suitable for some but not for others.Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons based on which you may consider a particular type of laser skin care treatment.The ProsLaser skin care can be divided into two major categories. One is called microdermabrasion. This laser treatment removes the outermost layer of the skin. By removing the outermost skin it allows the skin to revitalize without the imperfections. Due to removal of the dead skin and imperfections the face looks totally different. This procedure doesn’t require any preparation with no pain and requires less recovery time. Post treatment care of the skin is very straight forward as well. You need to keep the skin safe from the sun and well moisturized. If you have little scars or spots received from any accident or recreation then this is the best treatment for you.The other laser skin care treatment is called ablative Laser skin care treatment. It is mostly used to remove wrinkles and to look youthful. This treatment is especially used around the eyes and the mouth, and it results in wrinkle free skin which lasts upto five years. It is a complete resurfacing of the skin.The ConsWith microdermabrasion there are few drawbacks. If post treatment care is properly undertaken then the side effects are relatively minor. It can result in scars if the post treatment care is not taken appropriately. Prolonged infection, dryness or redness is usually not associated with this laser skin care procedure. Sometimes the cost is considered as the disadvantage of this laser skin care treatment but in the arena of expensive products and treatments it is cost effective and usually costs around $200 to $300. For more information on laser skin care and skin care products visit http://www.pinkpajamafairy.netOn the other hand ablative Laser skin care treatment is considered having a greater chance of negative effects following the treatment. Scars and infection is very common which defeats the purpose of skin care. It can result in diverse skin pigmentation as an unwanted side effect in individuals with naturally dark skin. It can also result in prolonged redness and dryness of the skin. Always choose a trusted dermatologist for this kind of laser skin care treatment. Possibly you can consider one who has performed the treatment on your friends or family.So if you are considering laser skin care treatment then do your ground work properly and find out that what kind of laser skin care treatment is suitable for you. Also search for a recommended dermatologist for your treatment.

The Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Financing

The concept of Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing at auto dealerships is simple. Generally, sales and collections both take place at the same facility. The dealer and buyer first arrange a loan in-house at the dealership. It is common to explore financing before even looking at cars, then going to look at cars with a monthly payment range in mind. After the buyer purchases the automobile (buy here), he or she then returns to the dealership to make weekly or bi-weekly payments (pay here), usually by cash or check. Some dealerships offer BHPH financing as an option, while others require it exclusively.

BHPH financing is becoming increasingly common in the auto sales industry and there are several reasons why. An auto dealership that chooses to offer BHPH financing can suddenly reach out to a brand new pool of potential auto purchasers. BHPH financing allows dealerships to sell cars to individuals with poor credit history who would not otherwise be able to purchase a vehicle. The number of consumers with poor credit has recently increased, especially with the current state of the economy and in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis.

BHPH financing provides these consumers with several incentives to purchase vehicles. First, dealerships can report positive buyer behavior to credit reporting agencies, which is appealing to buyers with poor credit history. Such a practice also motivates purchasers to make timely payments. Second, BHPH dealerships tend to be more flexible with accepting trade-ins because it is easier to find buyers for those cars. Accepting a trade-in vehicle that other dealers might not can be a great selling point. In sum, dealerships that offer BHPH financing can gain an edge over competitors that do not

Perhaps the best aspect of BHPH financing is that it offers a great deal of flexibility – not just in payment options but also in overall management style and decisions. Because of that, a dealership can smoothly make the transition to BHPH financing. There are many resources that provide detailed information about how to set up a BHPH dealership effectively. Jim Rhoads, the president of a consulting firm that specializes in start-ups in the BHPH field, highlights some of the steps to starting and managing a successful BHPH operation. Topics include everything from understanding the business, to choosing the right BHPH software, to collection efficiency.

Once you decide to offer BHPH financing, it is important to use marketing and advertising to your advantage. BHPH financing’s best selling point is that it is easy to buy even with poor credit history. Signs that emphasize that benefit are a must have for BHPH dealerships. These signs are especially important because many people do not know what BHPH financing is. A sign as simple as one that says “WE FINANCE” may encourage buyers who have previously been turned down because of credit problems. Effective advertising allows a BHPH dealer to maximize its potential.